E. Murat Arsava1, Okay Sarıbaş1, Saruhan Çekirge2, Turgay Dalkara1

1Faculty Of Medicine, University Of Hacettepe, Department Of Neurology, Ankara, Turkey
2Faculty Of Medicine, University Of Hacettepe, Department Of Radiology, Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: asilar artery, endovascular treatment, stenosis


High-grade basilar artery stenosis was detected in a 31-year-old man that presented with right hemiparesis and dysarthria. The exact

etiology of the stenosis could not be determined. The patient was treated medically and remained asymptomatic during a 6-months

follow-up period, and follow-up angiograms showed a dramatic improvement in the high-grade stenosis. This report aimed to draw

attention to the importance of follow-up for high-grade basilar artery stenoses with medical therapy prior to using endovascular app-

roaches, especially in young patients with a stable clinical course and unknown etiology.