Raad Shakir

Chair ICD11 Neurology Topic advisory Group WHO, Past President, World Federation of Neurology, Imperial College, London, UK

Keywords: Neurology, classification, stroke, Prion diseases


The new 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems is now online and open to use. The preparation started in 2007, and work continued until its implementation in 2022. As the classification is now online and open to comment, it is subject to possible alteration. The Neurology Topic Advisory Group worked to update the classification for the nervous system diseases in Chapter 8, and many changes were adopted. Moving all cerebrovascular diseases to neurology is perhaps the most important achievement. Another notable change is creating new codes for conditions such as Prion diseases and various genetic conditions. The classification also acknowledges that the causes of dementia are neurological.

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Internally peer-reviewed.

Conflict of Interest

Raad Shakir was chair of the WHO Neurosciences Topic Advisory Group ICD-11 2009–2019.

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