Figen Gökçay1, Ramiz Ahmedov2, Aslı Köşkderelioğlu3, Bengü Gerçeker4, Serkan Ocakçı5, Ahmet Gökçay1

1Ege University Medical Faculty Deparment Of Neurology, İzmir/ Türkiye
2Ege University Medical Faculty Deparment Of Neurosurgery, İzmir/ Türkiye
3Bozyaka Education And Investigation Hospital,deparment Of Neurology, İzmir/ Türkiye
4Ege University Medical Faculty Deparment Of Dermatology, İzmir/ Türkiye
5Ege University Medical Faculty Deparment Of Hematology, İzmir/ Türkiye

Keywords: POEMS syndrome, peripheral nervous system diseases.


Presented with characteristic polyneuropathy and multisystemic manifestations, POEMS syndrome is a rare plasma cell disorder. Vascular endothelial growth factor, secreted by plasmacytoma, is considered responsible for these symptoms. The first symptoms in this patient were arthralgia, distal sensory impairment ascending proximally and motor impairment of distal lower extremities. By immunoelectrophoresis, M protein in serum and urine was detected. In addition to polyneuropathy and monoclonal gammopathy, the patient presented with organomegaly, endocrine dysfunction and skin changes, and was diagnosed as POEMS syndrome. This rare syndrome should be included in the differential diagnosis of acquired neuropathies associated with multisystemic manifestations.