Ertuğrul Uzar1, Adalet Arıkanoğlu1, Yavuz Yücel1, Birsen Aydın1, Mehmet Halis Tanrıverdi2, Nebahat Taşdemir1

1Dicle University, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Neurology, Diyarbakır, Turkey
2Dicle University, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Public Health, Diyarbakır, Turkey

Keywords: Multiple sclerosis, platelet activation, platelets.


OBJECTIVE: Alterations in platelet function have been observed in patient with multıple sclerosis (MS). Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a marker of the platelet activity and is reported to increase in vascular diseases. The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the correlation between MPV and MS.

METHODS: The patient group consisted of 46 MS patients who were presented to MS attacks (males/females: 10/36, mean age: 34.3±9.4). In the MS patients, during the attack MPV value compared with the value of MPV after attack. Also, their MPV values were compared with those of 38 age/sex-matched healthy individuals (males/females: 14/24, mean age: 36.4±10.4).

RESULTS: No difference was found in terms of MPV values between during the attack of MS (8.0±1.2) and after MS attack (7.9±1.2), and no relation was found between MPV and EDSS parameters (p>0.05). No difference was found in terms of MPV values between the MS group (8.1±1.3) and control group (8.1±1.1) (p>0.05).

CONCLUSION: As a result, no significant change in MPV was seen between the during the MS attack and after the MS attack. This finding support that platelet activation not an important role pathogenesis in MS. But, relation between MS and MPV should investigated with prospectively.