Buket Oflazoğlu, Fatma Öztürk, Hatice Kayaalp Açık, Çağatay Öncel, Ülker Anadol, Hulki Forta

Neurology Clinic 1, Sisli Etfal Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey

Keywords: intravenous immunoglobulin, side effects


OBJECTIVE: In general, adverse reactions to Intravenous

Immunoglobulin therapy are usually minör and occur in %1-81 of

patients, serious side effects are less such as hemolysis, thrombosis,


METHODS: We aimed to report the side effects of Intravenous

Immunoglobulin therapy, especially hemolysis, thrombosis in our clinic

RESULTS: 52 hospitalized patients with neurologic

diseases were subject of this survey and followed as side effects during

and after infusion.

CONCLUSION: Adverse reactions were observed in our total 7 patients, serious

side effect as hemolysis and thromboembolism was observed in our 3