Ersel Dağ, Yakup Türkel, Burcu Gökçe

Department Of Neurology, Kirikkale University, Kirikkale, Turkey

Keywords: Colchicine, polyneuropathy, multi-organ failure


Colchicine arrests microtubule assembly and inhibits many cellular functions. This drug is used to treat gout and and Familial Mediterranean Fever. Its

gastrointestinal side effects are frequent but more severe adverse effects such as neuropathy and multi-organ failure associated with colchicine are rare. The blood

levels of colchicine are dependent on the liver and kidneys. Thus renal or liver failure can result in colchicine toxication. We presented a case of colchicine toxicity,

which resulted in multi-organ failure and polyneuropathy. (Turkish Journal of Neurology 2013; 19: 69-71)