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Volume : 29 Issue : 3 Year : 2023

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  Turk J Neurol: 13 (3)
Volume: 13  Issue: 3 - 2007
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Pages 159 - 162
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2.JOURNALS LIVE WITH INTEREST and SUPPORT!: Notes on the Support that Turkish Journal of Neurology, Which is the Official Journal of the Turkish Neurological Society, Does (Not) Receive from Turkish Neurology
Oğuz Tanrıdağ
Pages 163 - 165

3.The Neurobiology of Love
Semir Zeki
Pages 166 - 172

4.The Evolution of Language in Three Stages
Michael Corballis
Pages 173 - 188

5.Isolated Deep Infarcts: Which Size Indicates Single Penetrating Artery Disease?
Nilüfer Yeşilot, Yakup Krespi, Erdem Tüzün, Oğuzhan Çoban, Rezzan Tuncay, Sara Bahar
Pages 189 - 200

6.White Matter Lesions and Migrain
Fahrettin Över, Şebnem Bıçakcı, Yakup Sarıca, Yaşar Sertdemir
Pages 201 - 206

7.A Multiple Sclerosis Case With A Prior Diagnosis of Sunct Syndrome
Yüksel Kaplan, Başar Sarıkaya
Pages 207 - 212

8.Pontine Hemorrhages With Good Prognosis: Analysis of Two Cases
Arzu Çoban, Nerses Bebek, Oğuzhan Çoban, Rezzan Tunçay, Sara Bahar
Pages 213 - 217

9.Cranial MRI and EEG Features in A Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Case With Focal Involvement and Lateralization
Feray Güleç, İbrahim Aydoğdu, Önder Akyürekli
Pages 218 - 224

10.Journal Statistics

Page 225

11.Meetings, Seminars & Congresses

Pages 226 - 229

12.Türk Nöroloji Dergisi Editoryal Kurulu CSE'nin Temel Politikalarını Tanır

Pages 230 - 232

13.Editorial Board of the Turkish Journal of Neurology Recognizes Basic Political Statements of the CSE

Pages 233 - 238

14.Turkish Journal of Neurology Manuscript Criteria and lnformation

Pages 239 - 241

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