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  The Evaluation of Leukoaraiosis Etiopathogenesis with MR-Spectroscopy [Turk J Neurol]
Turk J Neurol. 2007; 13(5): 305-309

The Evaluation of Leukoaraiosis Etiopathogenesis with MR-Spectroscopy

İlknur Cantürk1, Nihal Işık1, Fatma Candan1, Tunahan Ayaz2, Nüket Yıldız1, Taner Seleker1
1Neurology Clinic, İstanbul Goztepe Education And Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey
2Radiology Clinic, İstanbul Goztepe Education And Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey

OBJECTIVE: Leukoaraiosis (LA), is a radiological finding with bilateral, either patchy or diffuse areas of the cerebral white matter.We aimed to determine proton MRS findings of LA and compare to those with chronic ischemic infarcts and control subjects, in order to understand the metabolic changes in LA.
METHODS: We compared 25 patients with LA, 10 patients with chronic ischemic infarct and 9 control subjects without LA. Ratios for n-acetyl aspartate (NAA)/creatine (Cr) and myoinositol (MI)/Cr were obtained from leukoaraiotic area, chronic ischemic infarct and normal white matter. For the cognitive impairment Minimental Status Examination (MMSE) was applied to all individuals.
RESULTS: Between LA and normal white matter, NAA/Cr values were shown no statistically significant difference. MI/Cr value of LA was significantly increased when compared with normal white matter (0.72±0.22 to 0.59±0.15; p<0.0001). NAA/Cr value of chronic ischemic infarct was significantly reduced when compared with both normal white matter (0.68±0.64 to 1.47±0.11; p<0.01) and leukoaraiotic area (0.68±0.64 to 1.70±0.28; p<0.01). MMSE scores of leukoaraiotic patients were significantly decreased when compared with control subjects (p<0.01).
CONCLUSION: Nonsignificant changes in NAA concentrations and high MI values of LA, indicate that gliosis is the major pathological finding. Because of the risk factors that disturbing arterioler structure in LA, altered cerebral blood flow autoregulation seems to contribute to develop gliosis before neuronal or axonal loss.

Keywords: gliosis, leukoaraiosis, proton MR Spectroscopy.

İlknur Cantürk, Nihal Işık, Fatma Candan, Tunahan Ayaz, Nüket Yıldız, Taner Seleker. The Evaluation of Leukoaraiosis Etiopathogenesis with MR-Spectroscopy. Turk J Neurol. 2007; 13(5): 305-309

Corresponding Author: İlknur Cantürk, Türkiye

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