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Volume : 24 Issue : 2 Year : 2018

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Turk J Neurol: 17 (4)
Volume: 17  Issue: 4 - 2011
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1.From the editor
Tülay Kansu
Page I (1358 accesses)

2.Pre-operative Evaluation in Patients with Neurological Diseases, Part 2
İrem Fatma Uludağ, Muhteşem Gedizlioğlu, Yaşar Zorlu
Pages 173 - 180 (2852 accesses)

3.MRI Measures of Hippocampus in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer Patients
Çağatay Öncel, Bülent Özdemir, Çağdaş Erdoğan, Yılmaz Kıroğlu, Türker Şahiner
Pages 181 - 184 (1450 accesses)

4.Investigation of Mean Platelet Volume in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Ertuğrul Uzar, Adalet Arıkanoğlu, Yavuz Yücel, Birsen Aydın, Mehmet Halis Tanrıverdi, Nebahat Taşdemir
Pages 185 - 188 (1836 accesses)

5.Comparison of the Levels of Anxiety, Depression and Hopelessness of Patients with Epilepsy and Healthy Individuals
Emine Rabia Koç, Pelin Piştav Akmeşe
Pages 189 - 194 (1792 accesses)

6.Adult-Onset Metachromatic Leukodystrophy: Two Cases
Gaye Eryaşar, Yeşim Beckmann, Yaprak Seçil
Pages 195 - 199 (2442 accesses)

7.Herpes Zoster Myelitis Presented with Brown-Sequard Syndrome
Ferah Kızılay, Gökçen Akça, Kamil Karaali, Saim Kazan, Hilmi Uysal
Pages 200 - 203 (1875 accesses)

8.A Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Presenting with the Clinical Picture of Recurrent Cerebral Venous Thrombosis and Devic-Like Syndrome
Şule Bilen, Cevdet Şahin, Erdem Gürkaş, Gürdal Orhan, Fikri Ak
Pages 204 - 207 (1974 accesses)

9.Tuberculous Meningitis Presented with Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Acute Deafness
Kürşad Çetin Akpınar, Hakan Doğru, Kemal Balcı
Pages 208 - 210 (1347 accesses)

10.If You See It Once, You Do Not Forget: Lhermitte-Duclos Disease
Elif Aktaş, Kemal Arda, Nazan Ciledag, Bilgin Kadri Aribas, Basak Gulpinar
Pages 211 - 213 (2166 accesses)

11.Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis with Thin Corpus Callosum: Characteristic MRI Findings
Eser S Sanverdi, Kader K Oguz
Pages 214 - 215 (1341 accesses)
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