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Volume : 24 Issue : 2 Year : 2018

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The effect of ketogenic diet treatment to childhood drug resistant epilepsy [Turk J Neurol]
Turk J Neurol. Ahead of Print: TJN-71473

The effect of ketogenic diet treatment to childhood drug resistant epilepsy

Gizem Özata Uyar, Nevin Şanlıer
Gazi University Faculty Of Health Science Department Of Nutrition And Dietetics, Ankara

Epilepsy is an important, worldwide health issue. The interest in ketogenic diet treatment in durg resistant epileptic children and adolescent has increased in recent years. It was thought that ketogenic diet was a last option treatment when the patient was unresponsive to two or three anticonvulsant drugs. Protein restricted, low carbohydrate and high lipid content ketogenic diet was thought last option previously. However, nowadays it is worldwide mostly selected therapy in epileptic children and adolescent. Keton bodies are elevated in blood due to low carbohydrate and high lipid content. By the elevation of keton bodies, the brain uses keton bodies as energy sources. It results the decrease in epileptic seizures. Medical nutritional therapy during treatment with childhood epilepsy should also provide normal growth and development. The importance of diet adherence should be fully. The importance of ketogenic nutrition therapy on childhood epilepsy are discussed.

Keywords: Childhood, drug resistant epilepsi, ketogenic diet

Corresponding Author: Gizem Özata Uyar, Türkiye

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