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Volume : 23 Issue : 3 Year : 2017

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Medusa-like atypical intracerebral vein: a rare case of symptomatic developmental venous anomaly. [Turk J Neurol]
Turk J Neurol. Ahead of Print: TJN-65928

Medusa-like atypical intracerebral vein: a rare case of symptomatic developmental venous anomaly.

Aloysius Ebi Ligha1, Faith Owhabel Rpbert2
1Department of Radiology, Texila American University, Guyana/Niger Delta Univeristy, Wilberforce Island
2Department of Human Anatomy, Niger Delta University Wilberforce Island, Nigeria

Developmental venous anomaly is an extreme variation of the normal transmedullary vein that is necessary for the normal venous drainage of an area of the brain. It occurs in as many as 2% of individuals. In most cases, it is said to be an accidental finding but under very rare circumstances, it can be symptomatic. The possible pathomechanism of symptomatic DVA is broadly divided into mechanic and flow related. The flow related pathomechanism accounts for majority of the cases. Susceptibility MRI weighted study is the imaging modality of choice in all vascular anomalies since it can detect even the very remote vascular abnormalities and its superiority over the conventional imaging can never be over emphasized. Irrespective of the pathomechanism of the DVA, the conservative management remains treatment of choice. This case of symptomatic DVA is presented to buttress the fact that though most symptomatic venous anomalies are associated with hemorrhage from cavernoma, in rare cases, symptoms may arise from DVAs that are not associated with other vascular malformations.

Keywords: developmental venous anomaly, susceptibility weighted images, perfusion MRI

Corresponding Author: Aloysius Ebi Ligha, Philippines

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