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Volume : 24 Issue : 1 Year : 2018

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ECG changes and their prognostic effect in acute ischemic stroke patients without cardiac etiology [Turk J Neurol]
Turk J Neurol. Ahead of Print: TJN-12058

ECG changes and their prognostic effect in acute ischemic stroke patients without cardiac etiology

Aydın Kaya, Yıldız Arslan, Öner Özdoğan, Figen Tokuçoğlu, Ufuk Şener, Yaşar Zorlu
Ecg Changes And Their Prognostic Effect İn Acute İschemic Stroke Patients Without Cardiac Etiology

Objective: Acute ischemic stroke has effect on ECG results and cardiac enzyme levels, but its mechanism has not been clearly established. Our aim is to research ECG and cardiac enzyme changes in acute ischemic stroke and to investigate association between these changes and stroke localizations and prognosis.
Materials and Methods: The study included 241 acute ischemic stroke patients. Patients without cardiac arrhythmia, history of previous stroke, use of drugs affecting the pattern and duration of ECG rhythm and without acute or chronic MI history and electrolyte imbalance were included. The vascular risk factors for stroke, CK-MB and TnI levels, ECG results were examined.
Results: 123 patients had right hemisphere infarcts and 118 patients had left hemisphere infarcts with same mean ages. HT was more prevalent in right hemisphere infarcts (p=0.013). The most common ECG abnormalities were; QTc extension (31%) and ST depression (24%). CK-MB and TnI levels were significantly higher in patients with right hemispheric and cerebellar infarcts. QRS durations were longer in cerebellar infarcts (p=0.05).
Conclusion: The most common ECG abnormality was QTc extension in acute ischemic stroke patients within 24 hours. CK-MB and TnI levels were higher in patients with right hemisphere and prominently cerebellar infarcts.

Keywords: Acute ischemic stroke, ECG changes, TnI levels, stroke prognosis, cerebellar infarcts.

Corresponding Author: Yıldız Arslan, Türkiye

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