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Volume : 26 Issue : 1 Year : 2020

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1.An unusual case of footdrop: bılateral common peroneal nerve palsy by one bullet gunshot ınjuryY
Gonca Sağlam
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2.Chondrosarcoma of the cavernous sinus
Esin Kurtulus Ozturk, Saffet Ozturk, Suzan Saylisoy
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3.Factors Predicting Falls in Parkinson's Disease: Investigation of Motor, Non-motor Findings and Different Dual Task Activities
zeynep tufekcioglu, Burcu Ersöz Hüseyinsinoğlu, Emrah ZİREK, basar Bilgic, Hakan Gürvit, Hasmet Hanagasi
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4.False-negative diffusion-weighted imaging in a patient with basilar artery syndrome presenting with isolated vertigo
Halil Onder
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5.Lesion Patterns on Early Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance and Ischemic Stroke Subtypes
Güven Ayaz, Baburhan GULDIKEN, Sezgin KEHAYA, Ozer Aynaci
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